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Full Version: Market Rules
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Hello All,

These rules apply to the market section specifically. Please ensure you have read them before making or offering any deals.

-First and foremost, the forum is in no way responsible for deals gone bad, its between the seller and the buyer
-Please do not offer anything illegal (Ex. - Stolen Credit Cards, Hacked Databases, Drugs etc.,)
-No asking for loans Rolleyes
-No asking for review copies unless the seller specifically mentions that he or she is offering review copies (This aint warrior forum)
-You need to have atleast 10 posts to offer something, if you start a thread before you make 10 posts, thread will be thrashed Huh
-No thread crapping/hijacking/trolling etc.,
-Anyone can open a thread, there's no fees or payment to sell your service.
-24 hour time limit before you bump your own thread

These rules are very easy to read and follow, and I am sure I won't see any member breaking these rules Smile.
Rules may be updated periodically, please ensure you stay updated.

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