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Full Version: Cover Action Pro 2 - Just the Bundle's and Courses
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[Image: 1h1IYXz.jpg?1]

Hi looking for the Bunbles and Courses action from CAP 2.0
I have looked every where for em

Thanks in advance

Here you go.
I hope you are comfortable with torrents, you better be Tongue coz its a 4 Gig Monster.
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Thanks m8 am downloading it now but it looks like the bundles isn't in it
I have all the rest, bought it the day it went live Wink

2 feckin days to download this mother and the files I want
are not in it SadSad

I still need the bundles and course for CAP 2 please

Cap, I have loads of these on my HDD, point me to a picture of the ones you want and I'll see if I have them Smile
Thanks BF

OK image at top of this post and
the actions are called BUND******

Got the actions but not the vids, any good?
dont want the vids mate, just the bundle actions if you have em
please Wink
Here you go Cap, just those actions.

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You da man Wink

thanks again buddy

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