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Full Version: E-mail marketing - options in the market
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Do we have anyone here that is Good in Email marketing area?

I know people usually use 2 options:

Private SERVER: VPS, Dedi


Paid options of the market as Aw3ber, C0nstantC0ntact, M@ilChimp, etc.
C0nstantContact: free for 100 emails during 60 days. (ridiculous)

Aw3ber: up to 500 emails: $19

Forever Free
If you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. There's no expiring trial, contract, or credit card required. There are a few catches, though.
* here they make marketing in each email (logo and link from mailchimp)
At least, it is FREE
The paid plans start to: [0-500] - $10

I think the best option is to have your own VPS with CLEAN (not black listed) IP.
Or use SMTP proxies.

What is your experience in this area?

If you prefer you can send me a PM.

Well it largely depends on your budget.

You also forgot GetResponse who also offer a fairly acceptable service, and who are much cheaper than AWeber (with a better user panel).

Anyway, if you're on a small to medium budget and will only be sending low to medium amounts of mail (under 30k a month), use a service. If you want TOTAL control, including sending blacklisted email and non opt-in mails then use a VPS, it's the only way.

Trade off? Easy, services get much better delivery rates.
Yes, but for you send the email you need that people allow you first.

The problem of a private server is the low hate to INBOX, specially when you send a LOT (thousands) by day.

What about softwares?
Exactly right, a VPS will give you more control over your send rate (upto 20k per hour with a good one) BUT you will get a much higher bounce and unopen rate.

You ONLY need opt-ins on a service, on a VPS you can use raw lists. Like I said above, services are trusted while a VPS won't be.

Software is a matter of choice, you're better off getting a VPS with soft pre-installed, costs more but you'll also get other software too which you can use for marketing.

Question: what are you trying to do?
Answer: trying to learn options I can use.

And about our options until now: I prefer a VPS.

In fact I have a list of more than 1k people of my store. I need to start to send email for them.
I have a lot of clients that I could sell (again) another product (or the same) in a short period.


But, unhappily, we can not find guys who are REALLY good in this area.
To be honest, until you get over 10k on your list a VPS is overkill. You can send to 1k on your own server who will throttle it to around 220 per hour (4 1/2 hours to send).

If it were me doing it right now I would use mailchimp, build my list bigger, then use VPS. A VPS with software will cost you a minimum of around $50 per month for a cheap one, if you can still get them that cheap.

There's no point jumping in at the deep end with a dedicated VPS to send just 1k emails.

REMEMBER: You can still import your raw lists into a service, you just have to agree that you have permission to use the addresses. When big enough just export and import to your VPS mail server.
I wrote I already have 1k.
But I have more 8k that I can send a good offer and maybe 20% will come to my list.

My biggest problem (I think) is: I do not have time to create ONE email / week to send to my clients. Yes, this is ridiculous, but I don't.
I sent my last email message 1 year ago.

This is not SMART.

Clients forget you and buy from another store.


Do you know how to setup a SMS server?
If you haven't emailed your list for over a year I would definitely not get a VPS. You will find a fair amount of that list is now not deliverable and you shouldn't bank on getting 20% of the 8k list to yours, the internet is a fickle place and people have so many choices they can do what they want.

My advice, use a service like MailChimp until your list is big, strong and responsive.

SMS server, of course, my business is selling white label SEO and SEM services to resellers, pm me your requirements.
But what do you think about the use of MailChimp?
They insert a big IMAGE (as yours) in the bottom of the message.
They do marketing with YOUR list.

At least, the price is good: FREE.

Insterspire Email Marketer is a good option, too.

Well here's your options:

1k list prices:

MailChimp - free
GetResponse: $18 - £12 per month (upto 1000 subs)
Aweber: $29 - £18 (over 500 and upto 2500 subs)
ConstantContact: $30 - £19 (upto 2500 subs)

I've never received any images or unsolicited emails from Mailchimp and I'm on about 15 lists which I know are free as I know the owners very well, maybe it's a new thing in their TOS??

Interspire will get you banned by your ISP if you use it for bulk sending, be aware! You need a good set of proxies (cost more than the services) OR a VPS which cost WAY more than the services.
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