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Full Version: Unique Spintax articles service - UK English
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Need unique content that passes copyscape? Want to blast your SEO rich article to article sites too but don't want Google to slap you? How about articles that actually read properly to a human?

You need my spintax articles that are 80% - 90% unique and spintax ready so you can load them into your blasting tools (SENuke, Xrumer etc..)

I charge

300 word articles $15 $7
500 word articles $20 $10
700 word articles $25 $12.50
1,000 word articles $35 $17.50

Easily spin these 1,000's of times and still hit unique copyscape scores.

50% discount for this forum. 100% satisfaction guarantee, 100's of satisfied clients around the globe.

I run a white label SEO service in the UK and use spun content for ranking all the time, these work well!

Any subject accepted except SEO/SEM/SOCIAL MEDIA

That looks like a very good service you have there frog man so it deserves to come up from the deep and sit on the lily pads for a bit to catch a fly or two.

N... Tongue
The price is too much.
Good service. Thx
very good service..........
good luck
Hey I'm looking for content to fill my GSA projects and they will be posting to thousands of contextual links. Will your service be able to help me out?
Are you still offering this ?
do you have any samples
thank you for this info
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