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Full Version: What is he using? it's not Sparkol
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Any idea what he is using? The pens are not Sparkol, and he is using transitions. I like it and so do a lot of other people. Different is good. Smile
You had a live link - make sure to code em in future please..

What makes you think it's not sparlol?

Sorry, my bad.

A few things;

the way the images are being imported, they are filled rather than painted. I tried to duplicate it but I can't get close.

The pens he uses are not stock, he could have created them but he uses a different color pen for each color used, that would be a lot of pens.

Transitions from the drawing to the original image, sparkol does not have them and Morphing does not work.

And the output, "The video output is .mp4 in 720hp" Sparkol does not offer mp4. Why would he add another step of conversion?
I have been searching and can't find anything that looks the same
nice tho hope someone else knows


Seems that teddy hugging you made you loose your brains, LOL.
I didn't watch the video on fiverr but just did a google based on the kw speed drawing logo
I'm the bunny in back and for some reason the GIF is not playing ;-(
I found it, it's on Videohive. But there is no Multi use license available. So the guy using this is either the product creator or someone who has not been caught yet. "This license is a “single application” license and not a “multi-use” license, which means that you can’t use the Item to create more than one unique End Product."

Sometimes I hate living in the States, fearing my government more than any other government on the planet.
PM me that gif I'll add it for you Wink
@Living in the States, nothing personal but from my experience America is a damn hard place to live, where you fear for breathing, fear for your job etc.,
Videohive + Aftereffects = That video, well apparently what you said (creator/Not Caught) could be true, I personally feel he is not caught yet because the creator ain't a lump to sell his work @ $4 a pop (Fiverr cuts $1 as a commission)
Report this dork to videohive Wink
As I see He is using DM player
and the site is developed in Ruby on Rails. (:
speeddraw has no active gigs now LOL!
dont ever use fivver
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