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Sectional Moderators Needed
02-20-2013, 04:17 PM
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Tongue Sectional Moderators Needed
Ok users of the soon to be the most awesome free for life BH Forum,

We will be needing sectional/global moderators soon enough seeing the pace at which forum is growing. (I've seen 10+ new members daily and the daily count of new threads created is also growing up)
Now to clear up a few things before you jump into the stream,
-Mods are not paid in any way, its just their love for the community to keep it clean
-Being a mod means you have the power and we assume you know how to use it responsibly
-Being a mod means you'll be doing what you should be doing Smile, moderating
-Mods are being chosen by talent and not biased views
-Lastly, am not an asshole admin (Unlike other forums where users are banned for speaking their minds or because the admin's wife denied him sex and the user asked him how was his day etc.,), you can see me having fun with everyone on the forum, so if you are scared of something, don't be (Unless you have robbed your local bank, lol something I can't help you with). Whatever you do, have fun on the forum.

I won't be asking you to dedicate 12 hours a day for the forum, nope am absolutely fine if you dedicate 10 minutes a day or 1 hour in a week, but the job you are assigned is to be done by you.

How to apply?
-You need to have a MINIMUM of 20 posts on this forum (These 20 exclude spam posts like Wow, Nice Share, Thanks for the share, I Love You etc., and the number 20 will increase once we grow)
-You need to inform about your area of interest as this is for a sectional mod and not a global mod (Ex. I am interested to moderate the forex section)
-Will you be able to share stuff for the section you are in charge?
-Your REAL country of residence and REAL age (So we don't give powers to kids who'll ban users because the users didn't thank the kid for his shares, LOL sorry but this is what usually happens when power comes into wrong hands)
-If you are active on any other forum, provide the username and link to the forum (If its a whitehat forum, don't post the identity here, PM Me, it'll be kept confidential as I know the dangers of mixing black and white worlds)
-Why you should be made a moderator of the section you are interested in? (Describe in your own words)

If you are interested, post replies to the questions above and we will see what we can do about it.
Open Slots
-Chatter Box
-SEO Discussions/Blackhat/Whitehat
-HTML & Other Templates/Requests

Hey Guest, you need to contact me? - Feel free to PM me
The forum would be a dead place unless users post stuff on it, whatcha waiting for!?

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