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[GET] Adpress and AdpressSales by Richard Fairbairn
07-10-2015, 01:11 AM
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Lightbulb Adpress and AdpressSales by Richard Fairbairn
[Image: logo.png]

Can This WordPress Plugin That Works Almost Like Magic Really Turn Your Blog Into A Cash-Generating Machine?
How To Quickly And Easily Multiply Profits...With The Traffic You Already Have!

How would you like to...

Place ads that draw in visitors like bees to honey on your website with just a few mouse clicks...even if you have no graphics or design skills...
Generate powerful ads that boost your click through rates and aren't easily ignored by readers who have built up an immunity to run-of-the-mill banner advertisements...
Transform your passion for blogging into a lucrative career that gives you the freedom to name your own hours, work from your couch while sipping coffee in your pajamas, and make hundreds of dollars while you sleep...

Well, at least that's the dream you had when you decided to start using advertising to monetize your blog.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many full-time bloggers hoping to make money online are struggling to use advertising to build an empire.

Maybe you're one of the countless individuals who has a great WordPress website, but you just can't seem to pull in the profits you'd been promised by advertising on your blog.

Now, what if I told you there is a way to finally STOP:

Spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on paid traffic to get visitors to your site...then never seeing a single penny from those visitors because your boring ads fail to spur them to take action...
Pouring your time, effort, and energy into well-crafted content that isn't giving you a profitable return on your investment...
Wasting your time on traditional ads that completely fail to get the attention of your visitors and cost you to lose money every single day...

At this point, you may be thinking this sounds like a myth.

But it's not. And in just a moment, I'm going to show you my dead-simple secret to driving massive amounts of clicks to your WordPress site's advertisements in just seconds while making it 100 times easier to manage your advertisers, campaigns, banners, and adzones.

But first, let's talk about what you're doing wrong.

The Problem Is...

The old way of advertising on your WordPress blog is just that. It's outdated, boring, and ineffective.

Traditional advertisements just don't convert like they used to. In fact, your visitors probably don't even see them.

That means you could spend 3 hours researching and writing your blog post. Then spend another hour looking for ways to drive traffic to your site. Only to see peanuts in profits from your site's ads.

On the other could be creating all kinds of eye-catching mp4, hd, flash, or other kinds of banners that get instant wallet-fattening results.

I'm talking results like the biggest sites out there see every single day from banner advertisements that work.

Now You Can Easily Access The "Secret Weapons" Employed By Industry Leaders To Monetize Your WordPress Website Like Never Before!

Imagine having access to a program that gives you the ability to create banners that get clicks and can be tracked and managed in a matter of seconds so you can FINALLY turn your blog into a profitable online business!

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you could:

Stand out from the competition and build a profit-generating WordPress website that lines your wallet with cash while you sleep!
Put up innovative, fresh, unique ads that do your work for you, massively increasing click through rates without you having to waste any more time, energy, or money on trial and error approaches!
Quickly and easily check all stats and manage all of your banners from a single location, saving you tons of time and effort!
Start living your dream lifestyle of working just a few hours a day and waking up to payments simply by placing new and improved ads on your site!
Move out of that tiny apartment, upgrade your clunker to a new fancy car, and finally feel proud to call yourself a successful entrepreneur who creates cash from your blog posts!

Just One Software Has The Power To Generate Tons More Clicks And Unleash Windfalls Of Profits Into Your WordPress Blog Business...Without Costly Trial And Error Approaches!

[Image: adpressbox.png]

Introducing...The Ad Press WordPress Plugin!

With this brand-new plugin, you can create any kind of banner you want in minutes with the click of a mouse! Generate winning ads every time with this top-quality software that also tracks your visitors' actions so you have access to extremely clean and detailed statistics.

Within a few seconds of installing this software, you'll be able to:

Create compelling advertisements on your WordPress site that grab visitors' attention and get them to immediately take action by clicking on your banners...
Use powerful features to place virtually any kind of banner you can imagine onto your blog to overcome visitors' "blindness" to traditional ads that simply don't work...We put you in control so you can use any kind of banner you want! (html, png, jpg, flash, css, txt, mp4, quicktime, hd, etc)...
Transform your blog post or web page background into an advertisement that will generate massive clicks and have advertisers begging to be featured on your WordPress site...
Let this program quickly and easily track your statistics for you so you can know how your campaigns are going and what ads attract visitors like bees to honey so you can replicate their results...
See how much your click through rates (CTRs) have improved since implementing this plugin with fresh, creative approaches to putting ads on your WordPress site...
Manage all of your advertising campaigns from one centralized location (You'll save hundreds of hours in time-consuming management of your advertisements with this software that makes it easier than ever to manage your ads)...
Get straightforward, detailed statistics about your advertising campaigns...including clicks, impressions, and you can measure the success of your ads and get visitors to do what you want when they see your banner...
Create as many captivating banner ads on as many blogs as you own! The styles and possibilities are endless...and you can get everything for a low, one-time investment that makes it easier than ever to turn your blog into a cash engine...
Maximize your profits by having access to statistics that tell you exactly what you need to know to ensure that your banners are working as efficiently as possible...
Get access to TONS of exciting styles of ads that have already been proven by industry leaders to attract visitors and get them to make money for you...styles including:

Sidebar banners
Background ads
Top right flying ads
Corner page peel ads
Top left flying ads
Layer ads
Bottom layered ads
Right bottom flying ads
Left bottom flying ads
Html ads
Popup ads
Post bottom ads
Post center ads
Post left ads
Post right ads
Post top ads
Ad grids

PLUS: All of our banners are 100% responsive...and ad block detection is included so you can start placing better ads that yield huge results almost instantly!

Here is your plugin download and training


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