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Full Version: No Hype Or Theory! Dominate CPA Like The Real CPA Experts
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1. What is CPA Power Blast?
I have partnered up with fellow CPA expert, Myron Ramsay, to deliver a tested and proven strategy to generate massive amounts of high quality, targeted traffic to CPA offers. This is not another hyped up or made up theory. This is what real CPA experts to do produce real results and huge CPA commissions.

2. How much money can I make with this?
I cannot and do not guarantee that you will make money at all with this. However, you will be shown what we have done to make these strategies work best based on thorough experience.

3. Is there an UpSell?
Yes, and it is outstanding. It is a case study of one of our most profitable campaigns that generated $20k+ this year alone.

There are some sound issues with the videos in the members area. The sound will not work if the volume is all the way up on the video player. Please adjust the volume on the video player to about halfway for the sound to work.

Link + OTO (Alive atm)
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all url's not working. can you reupload
(11-29-2015 05:12 PM)mmm36363 Wrote: [ -> ]all url's not working. can you reupload

That link and info are over 2.5 years old so I doubt that it will be any good to use anymore.
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