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What Is This "Content Locked" All About?
02-25-2013, 10:19 AM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2015 03:28 AM by narres.)
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What Is This "Content Locked" All About?

Like I said in the title... What Is This "Content Locked" All About?

For all of you who come to this forum and have never had to deal with having the download link,
or any other information, blocked by an image like I posted below.

There is a very simple method to get the info you so desperately seek.

[Image: 2pquntx.png]

What To Do Now?

As you can see in the small print on the image (I did not read that when I came here and therefor I
had to ask) all you need to do is hit the Thank You button on the right hand side of the grey bar just below here.

It looks like this.. [Image: postbit_thx.gif]

But why would you have to thank the up-loader of this product?

The reason is 2 fold... First of, and possibly the most important one, is that the link will not be indexed by the search engines and therefore keeps the link alive longer.

For the 2nd reason let me tell you a short story:

In an other life I was a member of a forum not unlike this one, and well know to some of the mods and admin here,
where I posted my fair share of stuff that I "found" hitch hiking around on the highways of the web.

I found those poor lost soul's a new life serving as download links on that forum I was part off.

Then one day I posted this awesome link that got over 500 downloads.... but only a handful of the members
took the trouble to give me, the up-loader, a Thank You...guess what, I stopped sharing.

So now you know... say Thank You when you find that someone gave you something worth taking or even
if he/she put a smile on your face.

Just saying... Tongue

Hey Guest If you are facing a hurdle that needs attention then please contact montsa007, NOT ME... GOT IT? Tongue
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